Exclusive Weddings is born as a result of Emy Teruel’s , years of experience and knowledge as a professional Wedding Planner and a pioneer in Barcelona in applying the concept of a wedding planner, adopting a whole work philosophy from the Anglo-Saxon countries and tailoring it to the local market.

Her special and meticulous attention to detail, experience and knowledge of the sector, enthusiasm to continue learning and to keep up with the latest trends, her organizational abilities, empathy, dedication, and passion that she puts into everything that she does, puts the bride and groom at ease throughout the whole process of organizing the wedding, and produces a perfect result.

As a Wedding Planner and Designer, Emy Teruel helps the bridal party to be more at ease, so that they enjoy the planning process right from the very beginning. She designs the wedding according to their preferences, lines up the best suppliers in the market and those who are best suited to their tastes and budget. She keeps them constantly up-to-date on the planning of their wedding and all of the steps that they have to take, accompanies them on their visits, advises them on what will work best, in each case informing them of the advantages and disadvantages of their decisions, and she also informs them of the latest trends. In short, she gives them confidence and reassurance that comes from her many years of experience and knowledge of the sector.

“Exclusive Weddings” is now synonymous with style, personalization, professionalism, and perfect timing and coordination.

Design and Organization “Haute Couture Weddings”

Professional Wedding Planners: guarantee of Success, Uniqueness and Class

“The luxury is not measured by its price, but for its Quality, Exclusivity and Excellence”