There are many reasons that now cause a bridal couple to hire the professional services of a wedding planner:

  • - lack of time
  • - the couple does not reside in the place where they want to get married
  • - not knowing what to do or even where to start
  • - not knowing the market or how it works
  • - not knowing what suppliers are the best or not knowing how to single out the true professionals
  • - wanting to be advised by a professional when making decisions
  • - wanting to have everything that has to do with the wedding handled at the same place
  • - wanting the guests to be perfectly taken care of
  • - looking for something different, creative and original
  • - the desire for a unique and exclusive wedding
  • - the peace of mind that everything is going to turn out perfectly

A wedding planner is someone who knows how to organize, plan and coordinate all of the aspects having to do with the wedding, just like an actual "project manager"; that is, a wedding planner is someone who truly knows the market in which he or she operates and knows how to use the resources that are available in the most efficient and effective way, and always to the benefit of the bridal party.

A Wedding planner %26 designer is someone who is also responsible for assisting the bridal couple in designing the wedding that they have always dreamed of, tailoring every aspect for them.

Design and Organization “Haute Couture Weddings”

Professional Wedding Planners: guarantee of Success, Uniqueness and Class

“The luxury is not measured by its price, but for its Quality, Exclusivity and Excellence”